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 Dexter is A Dark Passenger.

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PostSubject: Dexter is A Dark Passenger.   Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:33 am

Dexter Morgan is an ordinary guy, he works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department and has a cute girlfriend. He may act a bit strange sometimes, but he's a pretty nice guy. At least, that's what Dexter's friends and neighbours probably think about him. And it's exactly what he wants them to believe.
The protagonist of Dexter isn't an ordinary guy, he has a dark secret. A Dark Passenger. Dexter may appear very normal, but he isn't. He feels nothing, he's an empty shell, who acts as if he's human but deep inside him his Dark Passenger urges him to kill.
However, what sets Dexter apart from the run-off-the-mill serial killer is that he follows a code, the code of Harry, a basic set of rules his foster father taught him to channel his homicidal urges into something positive and to prevent him from getting caught.
Dexter only allows his Dark Passenger to kill murderers, and he's polite enough to make absolute sure all of his victims are really guilty. Dexter basically takes out the garbage that slipped through the justice system, and doesn't harm innocent people.
Most of you will probably know Dexter Morgan from the Showtime TV series Dexter, the first season of the TV show was based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Before I bought this book I had already seen the first two seasons of Dexter, I liked the series a lot and decided to check out if the books were any good.
Darkly Dreaming Dexter introduces you to Dexter and his background, but the main plot of the book is the hunt on a new serial killer who starts terrorizing Miami's prostitutes. Deep inside, Dexter is fascinated by the style and skill of this serial killer and he starts to admire his work. Wile his ambitious sister, Deborah, calls in his help as she sees this case as a way to climb up the ladder from the Vice unit into Homicide, Dexter starts discovering he's somehow connected to the shocking murders. The serial killer seems to have a special interest in Dexter, things get complicated and ultimately less and less of the events make sense to Dexter. He seems to know an awful lot about the crimes, and Dexter starts to believe he may be going insane. Could it really be that he has an alter ego who commits these gruesome murders?
Lost DVD 1-6
Dexter DVD 1-4
Family Guy DVD 1-8
Grey’s Anatomy DVD 1-6
Criminal Minds DVD 1-5
Zumba DVD
Weeds DVD 1-5

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Dexter is A Dark Passenger.
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