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 brace yourself for family guy

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PostSubject: brace yourself for family guy   Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:31 am

In the beginning there was “Family Guy.” As a television show it started, ran for two years, was cancelled, ran for a third year, and was cancelled again three years ago. Fox pulled it off the air despite its multitudes of fans. Once the show was cancelled a second time, plans began to form, like an egg, to at least make a movie to tie up all the loose ends where the show left off. Though Fox has (at least for now) returned ‘Family Guy’ to television for a fourth season, we now have the movie too.
Remember all the comments I’ve made in other reviews about fart jokes, cleavage shots, chins looking like scrotums floozy women, racial stereotypes, unbelievable behaviors, and random flashbacks that don’t advance the plot? Through the creative genius that is Seth MacFarlane, those remarks go shooting out the window. If you’re looking for wholesome, caring, and meaningful shows, “Little House on the Prairie” will be airing sometime between two and five in the morning. This is Family Guy!
If you’ve never seen “Family Guy” the TV show, then brace yourself for the movie. Like I said, Fox has it back on the air , and with every episode MacFarlane tests the waters and continues to push boundaries. Now that there’s a movie, unrated in all its glory, there are no boundaries. For those of us, few and far between, that have been a fan of the Griffins from the beginning, Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story is the dessert cart after an already full buffet of television episodes.

Lost DVD 1-6
Dexter DVD 1-4
Family Guy DVD 1-8
Grey’s Anatomy DVD 1-6
Criminal Minds DVD 1-5
Zumba DVD
Weeds DVD 1-5
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brace yourself for family guy
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